Parents Association

A big thank you to everybody who has been involved with the formation of the St Mary’s Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. Your support, encouragement and help have been invaluable and is very much appreciated. We have had a productive period as the steering group and have progressed to being a fully-fledged and registered group. Well done to all.

The benefits to staff, pupils and parents of active participation and commitment to the association are almost too numerous to mention. We are all able to contribute, benefit and thrive within this environment. All opportunities for engagement between the school and parents/friends are worthwhile, are to be be encouraged and supported. We all have the privilege to influence and actively and positively mould the futures of these young men; let us help them to reach for the maximum of their talent and ability.

Recent parent involvement has included running the year 8 induction BBQ, and running a sponsored cycle around Lough Neagh ( lead by Mr Herron, with refreshments supplied by Little Big Shot and Ortus, and supported by numerous teachers, pupils and members). We will build on these events in coming years. The annual Year 8 BBQ will be a permanent fixture in the school calendar and the aim is to expand our involvement with a range of many other events for the year ahead. So far suggestions include: providing support for the Mental Health cycling tour; sponsoring and presenting prizes for the senior school graduation; hosting a quiz night and a night out at the races. The association propose to organise educational and support activities for parents and pupils in the evening time, such as sessions on “coping with difficult teenagers”, “dealing with exam stress”, “cyberbullying” and maybe some creative cookery.

Any suggestions that you have for activities, or things that you have experience of organising would be most welcome! Think back on your own formative years and remember the things that seemed so unimportant at the time, but in retrospect have greatly influenced your own lives.

We aim to promote children’s health, well-being and educational success through strong parent, family and community involvement; so that every boy’s potential has the opportunity to become a reality. Please be involved, for the good of you and your son.

St. Mary’s PTFA

Jim Kelly


 Year 8 Family Barbecue Gallery  Cycle for Mental Health
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